• Awards and Incentive Programs

EmbroidMe of Surrey, UK partners with all types of organisations, whether it’s a corporation, school, charities, sport clubs, non-profit or athletic group.

We provide awards for every occasion calling for recognition, such as industry award ceremonies, fairs or sports competitions. Due to our customisation expertise, EmbroidMe is able to offer an array of options for displaying recognition.

Go beyond the typical rewards! Deliver your message on meaningful lapel pins or engrave on luxurious executive pens. You can choose from our vast selection of impressive trophies or plaques, electronics, gift cards or even jewelry, like a customised watch with your organisation’s logo. If you can’t decide on just one way to show you care, put together an eclectic gift bag that will put a smile on anyone’s face.

EmbroidMe awards are sure to make an impact at your event, and long after. Our trophies and plaques are crafted out of superior materials and skillfully printed or engraved. Each EmbroidMe Resource Center is staffed with onsite specialists who can guide you in creating an elegant design, with an eloquent message, that best conveys your appreciation. Awarded recipients will proudly display their gifts to family and friends, gaining your company, organisation, or event respect and recognition.

Employee Rewards Program: Custom Awards and Incentives

Pride and praise go hand-in-hand with EmbroidMe’s Awards Program. Custom awards and incentives for your loyal and knowledgeable staff will increase morale and productivity in the workplace. Acknowledging their hard work and dedication lets them know you care.

Need a boost in sales or increase in customers? Employee incentives are a great way to promote hard work and teamwork at the office. Imagine the smile on your top employees’ faces when you present them with a customised plaque or certificate. Others will strive for excellence once they see their hard work is recognised and appreciated by the company. Motivate your whole team with custom incentives like logoed polo shirts, pens or tech accessories. Everyone will want to proudly display their custom rewards from EmbroidMe, and you’ll earn brand awareness as an added value.

Awards and incentives will not only increase positivity but productivity. Employees will take pride in their work and know that their efforts are recognised. Visit your local EmbroidMe Resource Center today to learn more about our unique Awards Program.