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Be the Must be 'Booth'


Be The Star At The Next Trade Show With Unique Promotional Giveaways

Be the “Must-See” Booth

Don’t settle for another boring trade show booth with the typical pens or coffee mugs. Have your company stand out with colorful, handy and re-usable trade show giveaways from  EmbroidMe. Thrill your visitors with practical products such as lip balm, hand sanitizer or a spiral jotter set all branded with your company logo.

snacksLighten up the Mood

Trade shows may not be the most exciting thing, but you can liven up your booth and provide fun giveaways. Stock your table with branded confectionery or custom-label bottled waters to capture the attention of the visitors. Top it off with personalised fun spinners that are now one of the new popular items. Your goal is to get your company name out there, so why not capitalize on simple personal needs?

equipment-fitness-gym-3235Know Your Location

Whether your trade show is in England or Spain, make sure you consider your location. You would not want to give away branded ice scrapers if you are in Marbella. However, branded sports items are always a hit. Consider sports-related stress balls in the towns where the people love their football team and other towns that love rugby. People will snatch these giveaways up for themselves or their friends who are sports fanatics.

p-m1389Long-Lasting Trade Show Giveaways

The main goal of the trade show giveaway is to have people use them long after the event ends. By providing practical, yet unique giveaways, you can be assured that your company name will be visible for the life of the product. Think about how long a flat-tip screwdriver or magnetic bottle opener will last versus the life of a pen, marker or even notebook. Contact your EmbroidMe, Chessington's professional to help you with all of your promotional items.

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Contact the specialists at EmbroidMe! Fully Promoted/EmbroidMe is a one-stop shop destination for small and medium-sized businesses for all of their promotional needs.  Our local experts provide not only the products and service, but the solutions and ideas to help their customers get more customers. For a lasting impression, call 0203 538 9155 or visit us.