Every school is looking for ways to bring the team together, convey spirit among the students and fans, as well as raise money. Your local EmbroidMe has the solutions for all of these things. We have an extensive lineup of ideas and products for your school programs and events. Choose from apparel that’s adorned with your school’s logo to everything that an avid fan needs to celebrate their team spirit including magnets, cups, blankets, decals, coolers, chairs, umbrellas, sports bottles and towels.

We have something special to make sure your school team looks like a winner, on and off the field.

Make a Fashion Statement

Today’s team apparel means making selections from a wide variety of options.  It’s not just about the uniform.  You will need to outfit the team with all the extras too, like hooded sweatshirts, jackets and caps that are decorated with the school’s logo.  The team shirts should include our performance features like moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties.  Players will also need duffle bags to carry their uniforms and shoes to and from games.

Don’t forget about the students and fans!  They will want all the extras they can get too.  Fans love to wear matching t-shirts and hats while sitting on school seat cushions and chairs in the stands and waving pennants and flags.

Making a Profit

Teams are always in need of fundraising opportunities and our branded products create a perfect opportunity for profit.  We offer a wide variety of items that can be sold at team events.  Consider stadium cups, magnets, decals, or logoed stadium blankets to keep fans warm in the stands at those chilly football games.

Summer Solutions

School programs are not just limited to the school year anymore and that means more opportunities to convey your school spirit.  Many schools offer summer sports camps.  Consider giving each attendee their own tote bag to carry lunch and a change of clothing in.  Summer campers will also appreciate towels with the school logo and water bottles. Snap-on buttons with the school’s mascot are always a popular items as well. If your camp includes outdoor sleeping, insect repellent is a must and no matter what, give every camper a first-aid kit for scrapes and bumps.

Spirited Awards

Summer programs and major sporting events at all schools call for award ceremonies.  Every student should receive a trophy that they can take home and cherish for years to come, or give trophies to the top contenders and offer one of our specialised plaques for those who had special achievements. Either way, we have just the solution you need. Don’t forget about awards for volunteers and coaches who went the extra mile.

Nothing shows team spirit more than embroidered or imprinted team apparel.  EmbroidMe has everything from team uniforms to stadium blankets, backpacks and promotional items and awards.  Let us show you all the ways to convey your team spirit!